Whether the commercial real estate you are trying to finance is for a rate & term refinance due to a balloon coming due, a cash out refi, a note being called in, or an acquisition, we work in correspondence with many wholesale commercial mortgage lenders from Life Insurance Companies, CMBS Conduits, Small Balance Sheet Lenders, Non-Bank Portfolio Lenders, Private Equity Lenders, Commercial Mortgage REIT's to SBA Preferred Lending Providers & Certified Development Companies. Unlike the bank where the assigned loan officer has to adhere to their internal stringent underwriting guidelines, we are almost unlimited to the wholesale commercial lenders that we have access to.

​​​My name is Kirk Thibodeau and I am the CEO and founder of 1st Equity Capital Funding. I am a licensed real estate broker and have been a licensed realtor for over 25 years now. I was a licensed residential mortgage broker for 18 years and a wholesale mortgage banker for 11 years and have funded every type of loan imaginable at one time or another. Due to the recent mortgage meltdown, I have decided to exclusively focus on commercial real estate finance.

Let's face it, in this economic environment the banks are basically catering to the borrowers that reflect the much higher credit scores. We work in correspondence with commercial lenders that don't necessarily champion the higher credit scores. They will underwrite the file based on cash injection and/or the cash flow of the subject property. Granted, there are some caveats as they need to see some credit worthiness and the loan structure has to make sense. But, we also have programs where that doesn't necessarilly apply. If you've been turned down by the bank...pick up the phone and give us a call.


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